The meaning of life is to find your own gifts, we feel thankful having many, the most valuable are our family, friends, and passion to bring pieces alive.  We pursue to create and implement our own brand offering variety of lines to our customers who love something different, and also care about our planet feeling surrounded with positive and vibrant energy. Our Long term goals would be impulse  artisans around the world, and encourage entrepreneur businesses to work with us. While we develop our plan, we start up working with rough and forgotten furniture pieces to redo. We can see a “diamond in the rocks”, I participate in the process of screening and buy the pieces, redesign, and paint process,  while my husband does the repair, or redo to turn the piece into something helpful. We feel refresh, reward, and accomplish letting our pieces go with beauty and repurpose to our customers.

We are open minds, who also like to receive feedback, ideas, and always you are welcome to contact and keep in touch with us.